Coach Laura is the best! She has balanced the art of tough love, support, care, and zero sugar coating. Coach Laura is very accessible and solution-oriented (but never a “Monday Morning QB”). Some trainers/coaches operate under the premise: do what I say, not what I do – expecting you to do the workouts and prioritize nutrition, but don’t take their own advice. This is not Coach Laura. You won’t find anyone who works harder than her (this rockstar travels most of the year, and brings suitcases of healthy prepped meals from home — what?! — and works out from a hotel room if she has no access to a fitness center) — and when you ask her how she finds the time and energy to balance her corporate job, coaching responsibilities, and personal life (and you will ask… because you’ll wonder how this energizer bunny does it all!), she’ll tell you “when you genuinely care about people and their health, it just fits in.”

Chrystine D.

Since I have had Laura as my coach, she has been inspirational, motivational, and made herself available when I have questions about workouts or nutrition. She is knowledgeable and cares abouit anyone she is in contact with. Coach Laura is the best!

Mike L.
New York

I am so thankful for the day Laura’s posts showed up on my BOD feed. I was instantly drawn to her beautiful smile, great workout outfits, and dazzling hair . . . and what I discovered when I had a closer look was a person invested in helping those around her. Her positive outlook and feedback with everyone she is connected to was so inspiring. I knew she was the coach for me! She lifts me when I am down and encourages me in my victories. I am so grateful to have her with me on this journey towards better health and fitness!

Janice P.
British Columbia, Canada

I have been on Coach Laura’s team for 3 years now. She originally caught my attention through Vitality where I saw her daily posts of the hard work put in and the steady improvements to her body. She has always made herself available to work with me when I have questions or need help whether it’s through chat or a phone call. If you want a coach that inspires through hard work and is always there to help you better yourself Laura is the one for you.

Brian R.

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