They say that the 2nd Friday of January is “Quitter’s Day.” According to research, it’s the most common day that people break their resolutions they proclaimed on Jan 1st.

If you find yourself falling into this category, specifically with your nutrition, I understand. Food is fuel – it’s hard to just stop feeding yourself – we need it to survive. Maybe you had a treat meal you didn’t plan on – or maybe you said, ok just one bite; then next thing you know you ate the whole thing (personal experience here – can you say pizza) 😁

I want you to practice this… It works for me, and I want it to work for you… It’s not never – it’s just later. This is what got me through the first 6 months of 2019 when I was preparing for the Beachbody Classic. I just reminded myself, it’s not never, it’s just delayed. Example: my birthday is on April 29th. You know what I did? In 2019 I moved it to July 29th. Seriously!!! Cake, presents and all. We celebrated as though it was April.

Consistency wins. Stay committed. Stay the course. Good decisions will build your foundation. When you are faced with this tough decision, try to say, “LATER.” 💕