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“Treat people as though they are wearing a sign that says: MAKE ME FEEL SPECIAL.”
― Laura Horstkamp

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Coach Laura Horstkamp

Why am I here? Why create this page? I want to help you, inspire you and support you. The ones that have no clue where to start. The ones who know you need to make changes – maybe lots, maybe just a few – but you know you need to do something to FEEL better about you.

I’m your personal “tell it like it is” inspirer. I’ll be with you every step of the way. I know where you are because I’ve been there – physical, emotional and financial. I’ll teach you how to eat – how to use food to reach your visual goals. I’ll also help you choose the right exercise program for you. One that you’ll look forward to doing and enjoy. I can even share how to start a side business to just get you that extra cash that could make a big impact.

Really, I’m just here because I want to help people live a healthy, fulfilling life. I love being kind and sharing what I’ve learned, as well as learning from all the people I meet. If you’d like to connect or have any questions, please reach out – I’m here to help. It’s your journey, but you’re not alone.


Since I have had Laura as my coach, she has been inspirational, motivational, and made herself available when I have questions about workouts or nutrition.

Mike L., New York

Coach Laura is the best! She has balanced the art of tough love, support, care, and zero sugar coating. Coach Laura is very accessible and solution-oriented.


If you want a coach that inspires through hard work and is always there to help you better yourself Laura is the one for you.


I knew she was the coach for me! She lifts me when I am down and encourages me in my victories. I am so grateful to have her with me on this journey towards better health and fitness!

Janice P., British Columbia, Canada
Inspire others to inspire others.

Its your journey, but you are not alone.

— Coach Laura


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For more information, reach out – I’d love to hear from you!

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